Presbyopia Correcting Lenses

Some individuals are motivated to be free of spectacle correction, both for near and distance as much as possible through lens implant surgery.  Unfortunately, there is no technology that gives one the equivalent of a 21-year old eye, where one's natural lens is clear and elastic with a surrounding muscle that contracts changing its shape and focus zooming vision from distance to near in a fraction of a second.  

This ability to change ones point of focus, through the change of shape of the lens inside the eye, is know as accommodation.  There is no accomodating lens implants.  

The loss of accommodation over the decades, which naturally occurs to everybody, is known as presbyopia.  

Presbyopia correcting lens implants are lens strategies, which are compromised solutions to lessen dependence on reading glasses.  The commonest presbyopia solution is monovision, which is described in the section on monofocal lnes implants.  

Briefly, this is where a monofocal lens implant is used for both eyes, however, the point of focus is chosen for distance in one eye and near for the other eye.  Two thirds of people can get used to this solution.  

This is most suitable for individuals who have experienced monovision in contact lenses previously and have been comfortable.