Monofocal Lenses

Monofical lenses come in different strengths like glasses or contact lenses.  We measure the shape and length of your eye, which through use of specialized formulas tells us what strength of lens implant will give good vision at a particular distance without glasses.  

The majority of peopole choose to have good distant vision without glasses the tradeoff is that you most likely will need glasses for reading or computer distance.  

Not all individuals choose to be fre of glasses for distance.  For example, soem individuals have been nearsighted all their life or have become nearsighted as a result of cataract.  There is the option to remain nearsighted, which means your best vision without glasses would be up close, conversely, requiring spectacle correction for distance.  

There is also the option of monovision in which a monofocal lens implant is used for both eyes, however, the lens implant for one eye is chosen for distance and the other for near.  

Most commonly, monovision is done for individuals who have experience with this already, specifically with contact lenses.  

Typically, nearsighted peiple who have worn contact lenses in the past, and reached the age they need reading glasses, will try monovision with one eye for distance and one for near.  Two thirds of people can adapt to this.  

As the years go by, and the time comes for lens implant surgery, individuals who have been successful with monnovision in contact lenses may well ask if this can be done with their lens implants, and it can.